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Welcome to More 4 Less Resumes, we are a full-service employment solutions organization created to serve the job seeker.

Our founder holds a master’s degree in human resource management and has over five years of recruiting experience across multiple industries.

More 4 Less Resumes uses big data which we have collected over the course of five years, coupled with reverse recruiting methods to research your field of interest, including hiring trends, competencies and all information necessary to create efficient resumes that are friendly to recruiters and applicant tracking systems. We offer a wide range of services including “Apply 4 You” where we search and apply for positions on your behalf. In addition to the services published on our site we also offer an interview prep crash course, and writing services such as college entrance essays, financial aid appeal letters and more. These services can be requested via email at inquiries@more4lessresumes.

Our mission is to provide access and education to job seekers in every industry. We believe that searching and applying for jobs should not be a “job”. We encourage you to put your job hunt and the associated stress in our hands. At More 4 Less Resumes we only hire the most experienced and dynamic resume writers and recruiters. We currently hold a 92% closing ratio, meaning that 92% of clients report getting interviews after using our services. We are “The Future of Job Hunting”!

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