50 Minute Career Coaching Session

50 Minute Career Coaching Session



We are so excited that you have chosen More 4 Less Resumes for your career coaching needs.


Statistics show that job seekers who do not set clear attainable goals and invest in understanding the steps required to qualify for their “dream job” never reach career fulfillment.


Bianca is excited to guide you in strategizing and exploring your career options, developing goals, plans and offering the advice you need to get on track!



Please note this is a non-refundable service, if you miss your appointment and fail to reschedule 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment a rescheduling fee will apply. If you miss two appointments full payment will be required.

It is your responsibility to call in at your scheduled time, this is to ensure that there are no issues such as time zone discrepancies, missed call discrepancies etc.


If you need assistance booking your session please send us a message via chat on our website and we will send a direct booking link.


Please book your session within 2 business days of making this purchase or extended delays may occur.


Immediately After Purchase, you will be emailed a Career Coaching Intake Questionnaire

Completion of this form will maximize the time we will get to spend speaking productively about your goals, realistic career paths, and the steps needed to get there.


During this session, we will get to the root of what drives you to help uncover your purpose and mission as it relates to your career.


From there we will assess if based on your background and experience your goal is realistic.


We will then determine the exact steps you should take to maximize your chances of achieving your goal rather that be through experience, education, formal training, and or experience.


After our call, you will be given notes equipped with the advice discussed in our session.


Alternatively, this service can be used for general employment-related advice or to answer a specific question, in that instance your question will be answered in writing for your records and a 30-minute call will be scheduled to discuss the response.


Please note that based on the complexity of your career goals and your indecisiveness you may be assigned “homework” and a follow-up session may be required.


The goal of this career coaching session is to motivate you, offer clear guidance as well as to set clear and concise goals.


Pricing includes:

  • 50minute session
  • A copy of your session notes including the recommended steps to achieve your goal.
  • Pre research conducted to prepare for your session
  • Speaking Directly with Bianca a knowledgeable career coach with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication
  • Or if this session is being booked for employment-related advice or to answer an employment or work-related question
  • A written response to your inquiry or question
  • A 30minute follow up call to discuss the response
  • Research required to answer your question or inquiry
  • Speaking Directly with Bianca a knowledgeable career coach & HR Professional with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication



Follow-up sessions are available if needed.


Sessions are delivered via phone, you will be required to affirm that your appointment was delivered.


Video Sessions can be requested at an additional cost.


Please note that all advice consists of professional opinions we make no guarantees of outcomes and you agree to hold us harmless.