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Lite Traveler: Supplemental Resume

Lite Traveler: Supplemental Resume

Please note that as of Monday November 27, 2023 at 10:30 am this product description has changed. Please refer to your contract/invoice for an accurate product description if you purchased prior to Monday November 27, 2023 at 10:30 am.



Lite Traveler Package



Who should purchase the Lite Traveler Package?


  • Individuals of all educational levels, EXCLUDING Ph.D., J.D., MD & Executive Level Resumes who want a resume designed to transition from one career field, title or industry to another field, title or industry, identified by More 4 Less Resumes professional opinion of a realistic career change that is likely to or would reasonably yield career growth based on the client’s skills, education level & experience. Who have received this professional opinion via a More 4 Less Resumes career coaching session or a detailed career coaching report who would like a supplemental resume or a resume to accompany a More 4 Less Resumes coaching product that did not include a resume.
  • Individuals seeking salaries within the $75k - $95k salary range.
  • Individuals who want to work with a staff writer trained by Bianca
    • The “White Glove Experience” Package is available for purchase for all Ph.D., J.D., and/or MD Degree holders & any individual of any education level who wants to work directly with Bianca as well as clients seeking salaries of $100k plus.
      • The White Glove Resume only Package is available for clients who want a supplemental resume written by Bianca.


"Job Seekers, who do not set clear attainable goals or invest in understanding the underlying motivations in the prerequisite qualifications for their “dream job,” will likely not reach their career fulfillment".




A. Resume


  • After purchasing the Lite Traveler Package, & upon responding to the detailed intake email where you will be required to detail which More 4 Less Resumes Provided sample number & job description you would like your Lite Traveler Package written for : More 4 Less Resumes will draft one competitive, competency-based, resume that emphasizes and highlights the core characteristics that recruiters want to verify in a potential candidate's background, prior to finalizing an Offer Letter for employment for a candidate seeking to transition into the designated field identified in the report per Lite Traveler Package purchase.
  • The Resume is Application Tracking System friendly.
  • The Resume is competency-based and will not include quantified data or metrics.
  • The resume will not exceed 7 to 10 years of work experience and will include up to 10 years of work experience based on the professional opinion & discretion of More 4 Less Resumes.
  • The Resume will be written using More 4 Less Resumes opinion of a competitive document.
  • Additional fees will be charged to include incomplete information or information not provided at intake in the action required email.
  • The resume will not be suitable for federal job seekers, curriculum vitae’s, executive level resumes, job seekers currently earning or seeking salaries in excess of $95k, or the following education levels either in progress, started or completed: Ph.D., J.D., MD.



Please note by purchasing this package you are reserving a spot on our calendar. Failure to respond to intake prompts will not result in a refund as we will not be able to recuperate business loss from your reservation. Subsequently a one-time use in-store credit will be offered to purchasers who purchase & fail to use their package. This is a firm policy, and no exceptions will be granted.



Payment Details

  • All sales are final, and no refunds will be provided for any reason including dissatisfaction with service.
  • Clients who wish to cancel their resume prior to responding to their action required email will receive a one-time use in-store credit good for up to one year from the issue date.
  • Getting Started

    • Immediately after purchase, More4LessResumes will email the Customer an email “Action Required” in its subject line (“Action Email”)
    • Please respond directly to the Action Email and list your (1) educational history and (2) employment history with corresponding dates and disposition, i.e. graduated, in progress, currently employed, no longer employed, etc. & complete the intake questionnaire.
    • Include the More 4 Less Resumes Career Coaching Sample number, title & job description you would like your Lite Traveler Package Resume written for.
    • More 4 Less Resumes strongly encourages Customers to respond to their “Action Email” within three (3) business days of their purchase to avoid any delays in delivery.
    • Failure to respond within three (3) business days will result in processing delays of up to ten (10) business days. Missing and/or incomplete information may lead to a delay of up to ten (10) business days or more.
    • After More 4 Less Resumes receives the customer’s response to the Action Email, More 4 Less Resumes will email the customer a confirmation receipt for the purchase followed by a second email with the date that More 4 Less Resumes will complete the Lite Traveler Package Resume.
    • Response times may be between 3-5 business days due the need to process your intake responses.
    • Upon completion, More 4 Less Resumes will deliver the document to the customer via email. More 4 Less Resumes will deliver the completed document by 11:59 pm, Pacific Time, on business weekdays— More 4 Less Resumes is closed on weekends and recognizes all holidays.
    • The purchaser must confirm in writing at intake by responding to their “Action Email”, which sample number from the More 4 Less Resumes Provided coaching is reflective of the direction in which the purchaser would like More 4 Less Resumes to target the purchasers new resume if applicable.
    • Depending on your email provider, the Action Email might be delivered to the JUNK and/or TRASH folder. Therefore, if you do not immediately receive an Action Email following your purchase, please contact More 4 Less Resumes immediately to avoid any delays in service. 
    • Resume turnaround time does not start until the customer has responded to the “Action Email” with all requested information. Please note this time frame is in business day’s and does not include weekends or holidays.
    • Responses received after 5pm will be considered received on the next business day.
  • Disclaimer

    • This product is not a substitute for a Curriculum Vitae or a Federal Government Compliant Resume.
    • This Product Does not Guarantee Results
    • Please note, More 4 Less Resumes is a “Resume Rewriting” service. By purchasing one of More 4 Less Resumes’ products, you agree and accept that you are paying for More 4 Less Resumes’ professional opinion of a quality document and More 4 Less Resumes’ professional opinion of career advice & application sourcing.
    • More 4 Less Resumes does not permit its customers to alter More 4 Less Resumes’ document creation process if More 4 Less Resumes finds that the customer’s suggestion will contradict (1) More 4 Less Resumes’ professional opinion of a quality document; and/or, (2) Most 4 Less Resumes’ understanding of applicable industry standards
    • “Customer Edits” are limited to clerical errors, omissions, oversights, etc.
    • A customer’s personal disapproval, upon receipt of his or her final document, coaching or applications, will not be grounds for a refund and/or partial refund.
    • Turnaround times quoted are estimates, this is a custom package and in rare instances additional time may be needed based upon the complexity required to deliver More 4 Less Resumes’ quality deliverables, a variation turnaround times required for customization will not be grounds for a refund and/or partial refund.
  • Turn Around Time


    • Turnaround Time is the time it will take for More 4 Less Resumes to deliver your Carry On Package Resume.
    • Documents are delivered by 11:59 pm PST on the due date.
    • Information received after 5 pm is considered received on the next business day.
    • Turnaround Time starts the day all information requested to complete your package has been received.
    • Turnaround time is in business days and does not include weekends, or holidays.
  • Fees & Surcharges

    Fee & Surcharge information defines the fees charged for education surcharges and turnaround times:

    Education Surcharges:

    • High School Diploma: $0
    • Associates Degree: $30
    • Some College: $40
    • Bachelor's Degree: $45
    • Masters Degree: $60

    Failure to select the appropriate education level will result in a $50 fee, in addition to the cost of the educational surcharge.

    Clients "currently attending" should select the education level for the program they are currently attending. Clients who started and did not finish should select some college.

    Education Surcharges are charged to cover the additional time and research required for More 4 Less Resumes to create a resume at the complexity expected for the education level according to More 4 Less Resumes’ understanding & interpretation of the recruiter’s expectations.


    Turnaround Time Surcharges:

    • 10 Business Days: $50
    • 20 Business Days: $40
    • 30 Business Days: $0


    Resume Complexity Surcharge:

      • $0k - $55k: $0
      • $55k - $75k: $75
      • $75k - $95k: $100
  • Method of Delivery

    Documents and corresponding packages will be delivered via email.

  • Chargebacks and Virtual Shoplifting

    Should a bank dispute occur relative to a frivolous dispute we will assess a $350 collection fee in addition to the cost of service.

    • You will be contacted to resolve the chargeback, failure to resolve the chargeback amicably will result in your account being sent to collections which may have an adverse impact on your credit standing.
    • Should More 4 Less Resumes suspect or have evidence that a chargeback is related to an attempt to defraud, steal or commit any form of “virtual shoplifting” swift legal action will occur including filing a police report & prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
  • In rare instances, additional time may be needed

    This is a custom product, while we make every attempt to deliver documents within the advertised time frame there is a small risk that additional time may be needed for clients who present with complex career profiles that require extra time & attention.

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