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Resume Refresher for Existing Clients only

Resume Refresher for Existing Clients only

Refresh your existing More 4 Less Resume


The job market has changed drastically from the way companies are naming positions to the way talent should market themselves in order to rank as competitive in the candidate pool. 


At More 4 Less Resumes we are committed to helping our clients realize their potential, as we assess the job market regularly we understand that many clients are underemployed & eligible for more pay. 


We want to help you get there. 


With this service, we will review your current More 4 Less Resumes Resume,

ask questions such as your salary & work location preferences.


We will then send you sample job titles in higher salary ranges that you qualify for. 


You will select the title that most appeals to you & we will refresh your resume to align positions similar to the sample. 


  • What is included

    - Evaluation - we will gather information from you to determine your current salary, and work location preferences

    - Career Advancement advice - we will send sample job descriptions via email with estimated salary ranges for you to review, you will decide which sample you'd like your resume to be refreshed for (note you will use the resume for roles similar to the sample) 

    - A refreshed resume - we will refresh your existing More 4 Less Resume to align with the new direction of your career as noted by your sample selection 

    - Add up to one job- we will add up to one job to your resume, this should be your current job if applicable

    -Upon completion, we will send up to 3 job links for vacancies that align with your refreshed resume


    The goal of this service is to help you stay on track to reach your career & salary goals.  


    Our resumes follow the most current recruiting and resume writing trends. Our resumes cover a span of 7-10 years (or less if applicable).

    Typically recruiters want to see your most recent career profile unless you are applying for a job at the C, D, E level, or a position that specifically asks for more experience. If this is the case please note an additional fee will be assessed.

    Our resumes are designed to be marketing documents, they are competency-based and outline your transferrable skills and competencies relative to your professional experience and the field you are targeting. Please note this is not a quantified resume this is a competency-based, private sector resume.

    More 4 Less Resumes will use the information obtained from your strategy session coupled with field-specific research, your employment, and your education history to create a highly targeted resume that emphasizes what a recruiter would want to see from a candidate applying for a job in your field.

    This package is not intended to be a curriculum vitae, the resume included will not include academic projects, study abroad experience, or any other unpaid academic experience, publications, presentations, etc.

    The cover letter included in this package is a brief introduction of your most recent position, and educational accomplishments when appropriate.

    Please note that if experience beyond 7-10 years is required additional fees will be assessed.


    All sales are final and no refunds will be given for any reason 

  • Refund Policy & Shipping

    All services are delivered via email. 


    All sales are final, and there will be no refunds. 

    Please note you are purchasing our professional opinions, we do not make changes to templates, and we do not make resumes based on how you think they should be made, you are paying for our strategic process. We will make edits to documents for grammatical errors & typos so long as issues are presented within 4 days of receipt of your resume draft.  This does not include information that is not within the scope of service you selected such as academic projects, employment experience beyond the years of experience covered under your package, skills not provided before document completion, or any information not provided before document completion. 

    We will not edit the format, we use our own formats and cannot customize formats. We will not edit a resume or refund a resume simply because “you do not like it”, all edits must be specific and within the scope of the service you paid for.

    This does not apply to dissatisfaction associated with your failure to provide the necessary information needed to create your documents. We will not edit documents because you “changed your mind” about the field you wish to pursue. 

    For example, if you fail to provide all of your education, and positions you have worked which you want to be included on your document before document completion we will not go in and add these for free a fee will be charged based on the complexity of the information provided.

    If you decide to cancel any part of a package please note that no refund will be given for unused portions as all sales are final.

  • Charge Backs and Disputes


    By doing business with More 4 Less Resumes you agree to waive your right to arbitration, you agree that all disputes will be handled between you and the company directly. Any frivolous chargebacks or disputes will result in a $350 collection fee in addition to the cost of service. If you submit a chargeback before the due date of your service we will not release the completed documents and any other fulfillable services until the dispute has been closed by the bank and we have received notification directly from your banking institution. If you submit a chargeback before your service due date an additional fee between $35-$350 will be assessed before releasing the remaining services. 

    We will take aggressive collection action to recover funds from fraud, theft, or frivolous disputes, including turning accounts over to collections that may have an adverse impact on your credit report.

  • Turn Around Time

    Your resume draft will be completed within 15-21 business days from the date you respond to the action required email with all requested information & approve a sample outlining the direction of your resume. 

    Delays will occur if all information is not received within 2 days of purchase. 

  • How does this work

    Immediately After your purchase, you will get an automatic email with ACTION REQUIRED in the subject line inviting you to respond with the information needed to create your documents. You will respond directly to this email with either a copy of your current resume and information that needs to be updated or a list of your education and employment history with dates, the email will describe all the specific information needed. You will also answer the questions included in the email. 

    Once your information is received you will get an auto-email confirming receipt.


    We will respond with the job recommendations upon your approval processing time will start. 

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