The White Glove Experience : Resume, Career Coaching, Applications

The White Glove Experience : Resume, Career Coaching, Applications


Not coupon eligible. A “white glove” experience for Less! Enjoy a luxury experience curated for professionals who deserve top-notch service.

Start with a one on one Career Coaching session conducted by Bianca:

This is a 50-minute session conducted via phone. Your white-glove experience includes expedited service, your career coaching session will take place within 10 business days of information receipt unless your schedule poses conflicts to your ability to speak with Bianca.

During this call you will define your niche, that is the special and individual contributions that you bring to the workforce. By identifying your niche you understand what you bring to the marketplace and how much pay you can command from this expertise. You will also narrow down opportunities and have a clear strategy going forward. Next, enjoy a custom resume designed to emphasize your niche so employers can quickly see how your profile will solve their problems and fill their needs: This resume includes up to two complimentary edits & Expedited Service when compared to traditional turnaround times.

 This is a resume, not a curriculum vitae subsequently academic projects, academic research, internships and any unpaid experience will not be added. All information must be provided prior to resume completion, any information not provided prior to resume completion may result in additional fees. Resume completion is the date the draft of your resume is delivered to you via email Expedited service: The turnaround time for resume completion is 10 business days which starts the day after your career coaching session and all employment / education-related information has been received. 

Jobs handpicked for you:

Bianca will personally hand pick 2  jobs that align with your new resume, you will have the chance to review these opportunities, if you do not like them you will be asked to select replacement positions. We will search and apply for these jobs on your behalf. Please note applications do not have a turnaround time as sourcing adequate roles on your behalf is a tedious and cumbersome process the goal is to have applications completed within 12 business days of the approval of your resume or sooner. 

Upon completion, we will deliver an excel sheet containing job links and login information.

Concierge-level customer service:  Receive a response to any inquiry within 2 business days (weekends & holidays not included) from a dedicated VIP level customer service line.

Text access to Bianca directly for 14 days.

E-Book Access: Enjoy access to the following E-Books & Digital Downloads:

50 Companies Hiring Work from Home

40 Companies Hiring Exotic Work from Home Jobs

Stop the Rejection Emails The Resume Writing Handbook

The Interview Prep Crash Course

Enjoy access to Primer level Services only available to White Glove Clients at additional but discounted rates (please note some of these services are currently only available for White Glove clients):

Interview Prep One on One session

Salary Negotiation One on One session

Apply 4 You – more applications completed on your behalf

LinkedIn revamp

Please note: all sales are final and no refunds will be provided for any reason.

Should a bank dispute occur we will assess a $350 collection fee in addition to the cost of service and send your account to collections which may have an adverse impact on your credit standing. Please note that when purchasing our services you are purchasing "professional opinions", this is not a service where we "build to suite" this is a service where we conduct market research and use our professional expertise to build the resume you need from a recruiters perspective. Resumes go back 7-10 years, if additional experience needs to be added additional fees may incur. Turnaround time may be impacted based on the date your information has been received, the date you book your coaching session, and the complexity of your career profile. Immediately after purchase, you will get an email with "action required" in the subject line requesting your education and employment history, If your information is not received within 2 days expedited service levels may be impacted. If you fail to book your appointment for your career coaching session within 2 days expedited availability may be impacted. You will need to log into your account to book your session, please be sure that you complete the intake questionnaire delivered immediately after purchase and respond to the "action required" email at least 1 day before your session, not including weekends and holidays. If you do not receive two emails immediately after purchase please check spam/junk/trash, if you still do not see the emails please reach out to us directly to avoid delays in processing your order. Should you choose to cancel your order no refund will be issued.