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The White Glove Experience : Resume Only, NO Coupons

The White Glove Experience : Resume Only, NO Coupons

The White Glove Experience: Resume Only


The White Glove Experience Resume Only is great for all education levels specifically want to have their resume constructed at the highest level of complexity by working directly with Bianca. 



Product description:


A “white glove” experience for Less! 

Enjoy a luxury experience curated for professionals who deserve top-notch service & the complexity required to transition your career. 


What is included: guarantee that Bianca will personally complete your resume.

The method of delivery is email. 

Immediately after purchase you will get an email with “action required” in the subject line, specific information will be requested regarding your career goals, this information will be used to conduct career specific research.

Upon receipt, information processing & detailed research & consistent with the turnaround time selected your new resume will be delivered. 

This is a COMPETENCY BASED resume, QUANTIFIED RESULTS will not be added.

 This is not a curriculum vitae subsequently academic projects, academic research, internships and any unpaid, or educational experience will not be added. 

All information must be provided prior to resume completion, meaning any jobs, education, job descriptions, dates, addresses and any other information needed to create your resume or specify your experience must be provided prior to the delivery of your resume draft & before resume writing begins. 

Resume completion is the date the draft of your resume is delivered to you via email. Please note your resume will be written from a recruiter’s perspective using professional opinions, professional opinions are subjective, meaning you may not like or agree. This is not a service where you are paying for your thoughts and ideas to be constructed into a resume, this is a service where you are conveying your employment & education information along with your salary goals to  have a resume customized & constructed to align with your desired outcome using professional opinions. No refunds will be given for any reason including buyer’s remorse, dissatisfaction, disagreement with opinions or any other reason not listed or implied. 

Edits: you will be given 2 business days to review your resume for errors or missing information and to request edits. 

This product is not a substitute for a Curriculum Vitae or a Federal Government Compliant Resume. 

Please note, More 4 Less Resumes is a “Resume Rewriting” service. 

By purchasing one of More 4 Less Resumes’ products, you agree and accept that you are paying for More 4 Less Resumes’ professional opinion of a quality document. 

More 4 Less Resumes does not permit its customers to alter More 4 Less Resumes’ document creation process if More 4 Less Resumes finds that the customer’s suggestion will contradict (1) More 4 Less Resumes’ professional opinion of a quality document; and/or, (2) Most 4 Less Resumes’ understanding of applicable industry standards.

“Customer Edits” are limited to clerical errors, omissions, oversights, etc. 

A customer’s personal disapproval, upon receipt of his or her final document, will not be grounds for a refund and/or partial refund. 

This product does not guarantee results.



Concierge-level customer service: Text access to Bianca directly for 14 days.


Enjoy access to Primer level Services at additional but discounted rate of 50% off the regular published price, a coupon code will be provided upon request. (please note some of these services are currently only available for White Glove clients): 

Interview Prep One on One sessions 

Salary Negotiation One on One sessions

White Glove Apply 4 You – Applications completed on your behalf, and 

LinkedIn revamp. 


Please note: all sales are final, and no refunds will be provided for any reason. 

Should a bank dispute occur we will assess a $350 collection fee in addition to the cost of service and send your account to collections which may have an adverse impact on your credit standing. Please note that when purchasing our services you are purchasing "professional opinions", this is not a service where we "build to suite" this is a service where we conduct market research and use our professional expertise to build the resume you need from a recruiters perspective. 


Resumes cover 7-10 years of work experience or less, if additional experience needs to be added additional fees may incur, if your experience exceeds 2 pages your resume history may go under 7-10 years, our sole discretion will be used to assess if less than 7 years will be added. Resumes will not exceed two pages for any reason. Turnaround time may be impacted based on the date your information has been received, and the complexity of your career profile. 


Immediately after purchase, you will get an email with "action required" in the subject line requesting your education and employment history. If your information is not received within 1-3 days service levels may be impacted. 


If you do not receive two emails immediately after purchase please check spam/junk/trash, if you still do not see the emails please reach out to us directly to avoid delays in processing your order. 


Should you choose to cancel your order no refund will be issued, instead you will be given an instore credit, cancellation fees may apply, orders cannot be canceled once work has been started as this is a highly customized service option. 


Should this product be marked down or discounted orders will be processed at an extended turnaround time of 30-60 business days. No exception and no refunds will be offered. 



  • Turnaround Time 

    • Turnaround Time is the time it will take for More 4 Less Resumes to deliver your draft 
    • Turnaround time is in business days and does not include weekends, or holidays. 
    • Turnaround Time starts the day all information requested to complete your package has been received.
    • Information received after 5 pm is considered received on the next business day. 
    • Documents are delivered by 11:59 pm PST on the due date.  
    • Method of Delivery
      • Documents and corresponding packages will be delivered via email. 
      • Digital products will be delivered by email via a digital download 
    • Should a coupon be applied despite the no coupon policy for this products, orders will be processed at an extended turnaround time of up to two times the selected time in business days. No exceptions and no refunds will be offered. Clients purchasing during a price reduction, or price mark down are subject to an extended turnaround time of up to two times the selected time in business days.

      Coupons & mark downs cannot be combined.

      Mark downs cannot be combined with any other offer!

  • Turnaround Times

    Please note turnaround times are estimates, additional time may be needed based on the complexity of your career profile and no refunds or partial refunds will be provided as services are custom. Please note missing or incomplete information may delay service.

    Clients purchasing during a price mark down or with a coupon are subject to an extended turnaround time of up to two times the selected time in business days.

  • Fees & Surcharges

    Fees & Surcharges

    Fee & Surcharge information defines the fees charged for education surcharges and  turnaround times:

    Education Surcharges: 

    • High School Diploma: $0
    • Associates Degree: $50
    • Bachelor's Degree: $75
    • Master’s Degree: $100
    • Juris Doctorate: $125
    • PhD: $150
    • Education Surcharges are charged to cover the additional time and research required for More 4 Less Resumes to create a resume at the complexity expected for the education level according to More 4 Less Resumes’ understanding & interpretation of the recruiter’s expectations.
      • Clients "currently attending" should select the education level for the program they are currently attending. Clients who started and did not finish should select the education level they did not finish.
      • Failure to select the appropriate education level will result in a $50 fee, in addition to the cost of the educational surcharge.         

    Turnaround Time Surcharges: 

    • 5 Business Days: $200
    • 15 Business Days: $100
    • 30 Business Days: $0
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