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Waiting List

Waiting List

Sing up to reserve a spot on the waiting list for the following services: 
- One on One Career Coaching Service 
- Blast off Package 
This is a nonrefundable offer. You are paying to be added to the waiting list prior to the restock. As we fulfill orders we will offer spots to clients on the waiting list before the site is restocked. You will be contacted by email when a spot opens up and you will have 48 hours to purchase before the spot is assigned to the next person in line. 
We do not currently have a restock date on any of our sold-out services this waiting list will guarantee a spot in advance of the restock and offer exclusive access to sold-out services as openings become available. Waiting list fees are administrative in nature and cover exclusive access and invetory monitoring, fees will not be applied to the cost of purchase. 
Immediately after purchase, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that you have been added to the waiting list. 
We look forward to working with you.
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