Work From Home Entry Level

Work From Home Entry Level




For clients seeking customer service, sales, tech support, and other entry-level work from home jobs requiring less than 5-7 years of work experience and no degree,  if you are seeking professional work from home positions, if you have more than 7 years of work experience or if you have a degree select Work From Home Pro.


This resume will span no more than 5-7 years of employment history, if your experience exceeds this please purchase the Cruise Control Package. No academic projects or experience will be included. After your purchase, you will get an automatic email inviting you to respond with the information needed to create your documents. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT WHEN CREATING YOUR LOGIN ON THE SITE! If you pay with PAYPAL your email will go to your PAYPAL email address.


Ditch the commute, packed lunches & office politics with a Work From Home Job!


This package comes with one efficient and effective resume created using proven methods to align with what recruiters expect to see from work from home candidates (entry level /customer service) and applicant tracking system friendly.


We research your field and convert your experience into a competitive profile that quickly connects the dots for recruiters and demonstrates relevancy.


We then use reverse recruiting methods to search and apply for 3 work from home jobs on your behalf using your education, career goals, experience, salary expectations, and more.


We collect the information needed to successfully source positions on your behalf via a questionnaire. You will review and approve your resume prior to applications being completed. Once applications are completed you will receive a spreadsheet containing job links fully equipped with titles, logins, and any other pertinent information. We only apply for legitimate work from jobs that we have fully vetted. We don’t apply for positions that charge fees for training, background checks, or government positions. Some companies provide equipment others will require you to use your own desktop and may have you purchase items such as keyboards, headsets, and mouses. Keep in mind your resume will be created to align with what recruiters are looking for to fill work from home positions.  

Please note we create COMPETENCY-BASED resumes and use the Competency-Based approach as this approach is most compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems. Resumes will not be quantified or included quantified results.


Turnaround time starts the day all information including responses to your consultation document has been received. Please note all turnaround times are on business days, which do not include weekends or holidays. Responses received on weekends and holidays will be adjusted to the next business days.

Turnaround time for applications starts the date your correctly completed "apply 4 you questionnaire" has been received & your resume proof has been acknowledged and approved via email. Application processing time can be up to 7-10 business days.

Delays may occur with application processing times due to uncontrollable factors such as you having an existing account with the employer or 2-factor authentication and other unforeseen circumstances, refunds will not be given for application processing delays. 


All Sales are final and no refunds will be given. Any requests for document edits must be submitted via email within 4 days of receiving your resume proof and must be in compliance with the terms of service and product description.


*All discounts & promo codes are taken at checkout. Please note purchases made using COUPONS MAY TAKE UP TO 2xs longer to complete due to volume.

  • Turn Around Time

    Documents will be completed within the time frame selected at checkout. Examples of factors impacting complexity include years of experience, education level, and on occasion demand at the time of order. Business days are weekdays and exclude weekends and holidays. Expedited service is available for a fee. If you are purchasing your product during a promotion, purchasing a deeply discounted promotional service, or using a coupon at the time of purchase please understand that turnaround time will be 35 business days. This extended turn around time is a direct result of increased demand during sales and promotions. If you do not want to wait an extended period of time please purchase products at regular price. Expedited service does not apply to coupons and promotions.

  • Purchase Specifics

    We follow recruiting trends when creating documents. Resumes will include your most recent 5-7 year history with the exception of government and executive level positions. If you require experience beyond this time frame additional fees may be assessed.

  • Terms of Service

    By purchasing our services, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and return policy. All sales are final, and no refunds will be given for order cancellations. We may consider refunds on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstance, or issues caused by our staff. In most cases we will correct any issues with your documents so long as issues are presented within 4 days of receiving your purchase. If your dissatisfaction is a result of information that you failed to provide at the time of purchase such as forgetting to provide an address, job, job title, dates, or any other information needed to fulfill your order you will be charged an additional fee to edit your documents. If we reach out to you for additional information relative to completing applications on your behalf you have 24 hours to respond, if you do not respond within that time frame you will be put at the end of the list, if the positions we find expire it will be your responsibility to find new positions or you will pay an additional fee to find positions to replace what we have found.

  • Government Surcharges

    Government Surcharges apply to customers needing resumes created in a State, Local, or Federally compliant format. Customers selecting this option will receive two documents, a private sector compliant resume and a government sector compliant resume.

    Government Surcharges apply to customers seeking assistance with government applications. These applications are more complex and take 3-4xs longer than most private sector applications.

    Please add the government surcharge to your cart before check out to avoid delays with your order.

  • Return Policy

    All sales are final, and there will be no refunds. If you are unhappy with the services rendered we will make changes necessary to improve the documents. This does not apply to dissatisfaction associated with your failure to provide the necessary information needed to create your documents. For example if you fail to provide all of your education, and positions you have worked which you want included on your document prior to document completion we will not go in and add these for free a fee will be charged based on the complexity of the information provided.

  • Charge Backs & Disputes

    By doing business with More 4 Less Resumes you agree to waive your right to arbitration, you agree that all disputes will be handled between you and the company directly. Any frivolous chargebacks or disputes will result in a $350 collection fee in addition to the cost of service. We will take aggressive collection action to recover funds from fraud, theft or frivolous disputes, including turning accounts over to collections which may have an adverse impact on your credit report.

  • Disagreements

    Every policy here in is considered legally binding. If you disagree with any of our polices please refrain from purchasing our services.